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The mission of the Institute for Ocean Conservation Science is to advance ocean conservation through science. More..

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Coral Reef Biodiversity: From Ecosystems to Molecules

Robert H. Richmond, Research Professor, Kewalo Marine Laboratory, Unviersity of Hawaii at Manoa
Beginning at Noon
February 09, 2009
Endeavour Hall, Room 120
Stony Brook University
Sponsored by the Institute for Ocean Conservation Science.

Read Dr. Richmond's Bio on the Kewalo Marine Laboratory Website

Coral reefs throughout the world are being degraded, resulting in ecological, economic and cultural losses. Data from watersheds and their adjacent coral reefs in the Pacific demonstrate both lethal and sub-lethal effects of discharges at the ecosystem, community, population, individual and cellular levels. Marine protected areas (MPAs) alone are insufficient for coral reef protection. Integrated watershed management practices at the local level are needed as well as immediate efforts to address global climate change. Case histories in the Pacific Islands provide insight on how biophysical data can be used to manage human activities and behaviors responsible for coral reef destruction, through the application of the social sciences.

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