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Green Sturgeon Listed as Threatened under US Endangered Species Act

April 07, 2006

Green sturgeon (Acipenser medirostris), one of two sturgeon species that live along the west coasts of the USA and Canada, was listed as Threatened under the US Endangered Species Act effective 6 April 2006.

This particular species is known to spawn only in three river systems: the Rogue River, Oregon and the Klamath and Sacramento rivers in California. Until this final rule by National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) was published in the Federal Register (see link below), green sturgeon was listed as a Species of Concern throughout its range. This ruling applies only to the Southern Distinct Population Segment (= the population that spawns in the Sacramento river system); however, because this marine-oreinted species is highly migratory and travels along the shores and within estuaries of California, Oregon, Washington, and
British Columbia, the impacts of this decision will be felt by managers and residents of all four regions. This species is impacted by agricultural practices, mining, impassable barriers, water quality (e.g., elevated water temperatures), predators (e.g., sea lions), and fishing (sport, commercial, and illegal).

PDF of Green Sturgeon Listing

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